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At Burly man tactical we specialize in creating custom holsters for pistols. We offer holsters for many different models and with a huge amount of customization options like front color/pattern, back color/patter, rivet colors, with or without light attachments, and different attachment systems for duty and tactical belts.

Not only do we offer some of the toughest equipment available, but it is 100% American made, and backed by a lifetime warranty. We also offer other accessories as well, which are all quality goods. You can be certain that when you buy from Burly Man, you’re buying a Burly product that will last the test of time and any conditions you may encounter in the field or in the wild.


 Our assessories can help you upgrade your existing Burly Man holster to help keep up with changing needs! Each assessory is made to the same rigorous standards. Burly products for burly men! 

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