The Mountaineer:

There is a single sun ray breaking over the top of the peak. The cold wind blows from the North driving a biting frost down from the mountain that lets him know it's going to be a lean and harsh winter. Strapping his pack tighter to his back he rises and trudges on, because that's what he does in the face of a daunting future.


The Desert Dweller:

The heat is near overwhelming, and the dust stirs into a storm. He raises his canteen to his lip for a final sip, knowing it could be his last. He knows where he is headed, and he knows he will make it if he just gets one foot in front of the other. A sea of shifting sand and a burning sky is not enough to lay him down for good. He will move. He will push. He will live.


The Swamp People:

The air is sticking to his sweating body and the heat is rolling through in waves of steam. He can hear the rustling sounds from behind the next thicket. He's certain he knows what that sound is, and he knows it sounds like his next meal. His feet haven't been dry in hours, but he has done what needed to be done. He found his next meal, and now all that is left is to conquer it. He moves through the knee deep water and sludge slowly. It's hard to stay silent in the swamp, but he has the patience. He draws his weapon and prepares for victory. As he eases over the last hurdle and takes aim he knows he's eating good tonight.


These are the men of the wild. These are the men that are as unbreakable as the Earth they stride on. They are the forgers of new worlds and founders of future civilizations. They have no fear that hasn't been overcome, and nothing can stand in their path when they set their course. They are strong. They are fierce. They are Burly Men.


WE are Burly Men, and our mission is to provide you with the equipment and gear needed to make sure that no matter where you are, and what course you have set, the last thing that will bring you down is your gear!


We at Burly Man Tactical are encouraging ALL men to arise & hear their Primal Nature's call, "To return to the untamed wilderness & to let their beards grow"!


We can't be there to hold your hands, but...

  • WE WILL supply you with the gear & equipment that you need to conquer your next adventure!

  • WE WILL endorse products that we wouldn't want to be "stuck-up-a-creek" without!

  • We WILL promote USA MADE Products as Superior (Because They Are)!


Nathan Fletcher

Nathan Fletcher

Founder of Burly Man Tactical

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