Shipping, Returns & Other Questions

Shipping Policies

The customer is responsible for all shipping costs unless otherwise stated. We primarily ship packages via USPS and FedEx methods. Complete orders will typically ship within the allotted lead-time posted. While we make every attempt to ship the day that  your order is due to ship based on the lead-time advertised at the time your order is placed, there is no guarantee of this. We also cannot guarantee that your package will arrive in any particular time frame. There are instances where FedEx, UPS or USPS will delay the shipment of a package due to unforeseen events. If your package has been delayed beyond its scheduled delivery time, we will not be able to refund any shipping charges. Please be aware that FedEx, UPS and USPS do not have any guarantees as to the delivery time of a ground package.

Free or flat rate shipping offers never apply to oversized items unless specifically stated on that item page. If you use a free or flat rate shipping coupon with a mix of normal items and oversize items we may have to ask for shipping charge due to the excessive cost of shipping large items like rifle bags and Pelican cases.


What is Your Holster Warranty?

We like to say if you drop it out of a plane, run it over with a tank or melt it with a flame thrower to SEND US A PICTURE (Because that’s awesome) BUT WE DO NOT warranty than. However, should your holster or a component break during normal use i.e. Training, Duty, Deployment, Everyday Carry…Please let us know and we will repair or replace it with an equal value product. Please give us the opportunity to make it right is you have any issues whatsoever.


Can I Return a Custom Order?

We DO NOT OFFER returns on custom orders! Please do your research regarding the type of holster you are ordering and if its the best choice for your application and body type. No one holster type and design fits everyone the same way. Appendix holsters work best on Fit to Average build body types. If there is a resolvable issue i.e. Comfort, Fitment etc. We will help to resolve it (if possible). If you ordered a general ready to ship or regularly stocked item then we can offer a refund. As is the case with all custom orders it is the BUYER’S responsibility to cover return shipping costs.


My Firearm Doesn’t Fit?

First, don’t panic. Most of the time, this is a simple fix. Not everyone likes the same level of retention, so our holsters are designed to be adjustable. You can always tighten or loosen your holster with nothing but your bare hands and a humble screwdriver. Look for the rubber washers and experiment with tightening or loosening the screw until you have the perfect retention for you. If adjusting the retention screws isn’t helping, still, DON’T panic. You can shoot us an email with pictures and/or video and we will help you. In most cases we can send a video clip on how to remedy the situation. Just ask!

My Holster is Uncomfortable?

As with all holsters for your specific application please do your research. Appendix Holsters (primarily what we manufacture for concealment applications) DO NOT work for all body types. We are individually responsible for knowing what type of holster we need based on our needs and personal preferences. If you are new to Concealed Carry or need advice please let us know. Our Appendix holsters are designed to be worn in the Front (12 O’clock Dead Center) position and will be uncomfortable in any other position. Usually uncomfortable holsters can be narrowed down to improper positioning or not selecting the right holster for your application.


My Holster Broke What Now?

We have a full-service warranty on everything which we make out of Kydex, and on all hardware. If your product breaks due to normal use (training, fighting, and normal wear) we will fix it. If you break it negligently (like by leaving your holster on dashboard on a hot summer day, putting it in the dishwasher, or jumping on it) we don’t cover that.


Do You Offer a Warranty on Tactical Lights You Sell?

No, but the weapon light companies have manufacturer warranties. Please contact the manufacturer if you have any issues. For example, if the Surefire X300 Ultra you bought from us breaks, send it to Surefire and they’ll help you out.


Do You Offer a Warranty on Your Clothing or Apparel?

No, we consider clothing and other apparel to be “disposable” every day carry equipment. Everyone’s lifestyle in regards to how rough they are on clothing is very different and material stains, rips and other damage is NOT covered nor are returns offered on worn clothing.



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