ATACS Ghost Cloth Covered Royalite HG Sheets By Burly Man Tactical





Ghost is a new pattern derived from both A-TACS iX and LE-X. Ghost is designed as a tactical option for Military, Government and Law Enforcement Urban Operations. Ghost combined eleven variable shades of neutral grey that not only gives it and aggressive look, but is also very effective in urban settings.

We are proud to be the primary distributor of the ATACS cloth covered Kydex line. All products are tested with strict quality control to ensure that all of our products and cloth covered kydex lives up to the Burly Man standard. You can be sure that all ATACS products, offered through Burly Man Tactical, will stand up to the rigors of daily tactical use. All patterns are available in 8×8, 8×12, or 12×12 sheets.


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